What is a TCG?Online Trading Card Games are similar to the trading cards you knew as a child. Rather than playing in person and collecting cards from packs at the store, you collect everything online. The goal is to collect all of the cards you like, also know as mastering a deck. Online TCGs are free to play, a lot of fun, and very addictive! Interested in joining? Check out the rest of this section before moving on to the join form!

What is a Trade PostBefore you join, you need a place to store your stuff, also known as a trade post. To make life easier for you and for your fellow TCG members, you should separate your cards—at least into groups of keeping and trading. You are also required to keep a detailed card log, showing how you got every card. The final thing you need on your site is a way to contact you, either a form or an email link, so you can trade.

General Information about Mixtape
Mixtape is a general music tcg that features cards made from Album Covers, Artists and Music Videos
This version of Mixtape did start out as a fully automatic tcg but as it was hard to customize we transitioned over to a semi-automatic version. What do I mean by semi-automatic? All prizes will be given through the site but you will have to run your own tcg trade post.

This means your trade post has to have detailed logs.
bad example: played games won: taeyang01
good example August 19, 2023: Tic Tac Toe: taeyang01

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