Day late

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Games: Weekly, Set B

I don't really have much to say this week I got distracted yesterday so that's why it's late.
Fixed issues: Please report any issues you find on the error report section of the discord :)
  • Spice Girls - 2 Become 1 has been remade due a random blue area in one of the images
    Advent was a little messed up if you got cards from the same deck twice in a row keep the cards and you can go back and collect the correct cards.

New things
added a few new games to replace some of the automatic ones.

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. arghI wish for double game rewards from the Weekly set!    No need to refresh the rewards page!
  2. JenniferI wish for choice cards spelling SPOOKY!   

New Releases

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